Aleasha Nicol 


I do a number of completely random things.

I write fiction novels/short stories (sometimes even film scripts) and I plan to self-publish the first book of a novel I'm working on sometime in late 2018. 
I have recieved a certificate of film through Film Connection, where I learned how to edit, color-correct and operate a c100 in the studio of Double Jump Media located in downtown Springfield. 
I began my schooling at Drury University, where I studied communications, theatre, writing and multimedia production.
When I'm feeling doodly sometimes I'll draw stick figure cartoons. They're pretty pointless but entertaining.

My dream is to creatively write for a living while also doing some photo/film work on the side.
My dog's name is Caesar and he's almost four years old. He's my precious little angel and maybe a tad bit spoiled. 
I have had a YouTube channel for a long time but I don't regularly upload videos. It's mostly just me being obnoxious. 

The image to the left was taken by a good friend of mine who does awesome work! Check her out: